Volkswagen Touareg 2018 Release Date, Specs

The Volkswagen Touareg 2018 will be manufactured at the automaker’s facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee. There is no a great deal of information that is currently available for the sport utility vehicle, but there is an incredible amount of speculation and chatter surrounding its upcoming release as well as what consumers should be expecting from it.

Volkswagen Touareg 2018 front

Volkswagen Touareg 2018 Engine Specs

There are industry insiders that contend that the power for the forthcoming Toureg could be coming in the form of a four cylinder engine for the base model. There are also rumors that indicate that there will be a plug-in hybrid variant exclusively for the market within the United States. There is also the possibility that the power options will be mated with the DSG dual-clutch gearbox that is a ten speed variation. Unfortunately, at this time there are no specified information available from Volkswagen regarding precisely where the power will come from. There is no a great deal that is currently known about the Volkswagen Touareg 2018, but there are indications that the styling will follow a path that is best described as revolutionary.

Volkswagen Touareg 2018 rear

Volkswagen Touareg 2018 Exterior and Interior

The design styling will borrow elements from the most recent Passat models that are being sold exclusively overseas. The vehicle may be reduced in weight and new technological features will be strategically added as well. This is a vehicle that will be built on the MLB Evo platform version of Volkswagen. This Volkswagen Touareg 2018 will be a shortened, yet flexible version of the platform that made its debut inside 2016 models of Audi as well as the current generation of the Porsche Cayenne (which is also predicted to be a 2018 model).

Volkswagen Touareg 2018 interior

Within the cabin of the vehicle, consumers will be able to take note of a new digital gauge cluster in addition to a handful of semi-autonomous technology and driver assist systems. It is widely believed that the vast majority of the pictures that can be currently found of the vehicle on the internet are those of the test mule. Should that be true, we may not truly know what to expect until the iconic automaker makes the decision to remove the shroud of mystery and begin to supply specifics regarding the vehicle. A great number of critics and expects believe that consumers should expect a great deal of comfort and functionality that will be accompanied with the very latest in automotive technologies. Given that this has a long standing staple of the automaker and it is believed that it will continue to be delivered.

Volkswagen Touareg 2018 Release Date and Price

According to early reports, the Volkswagen Touareg 2018 will be revealed towards the end of next year. The first prototype for the vehicle will begin hitting the road at some point before the close of this year. There are insiders and experts within the industry that contend that the new Toureg may not see a single dealership showroom until the latter have of 2017. Keep in mind that the vehicle did recently undergo a mid-cycle refreshing for this year’s model version. With that being said, there are those that predict a complete overhaul, while a small few do not foresee great changes in the works.


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