Toyota Rush 2016 Price

SUVs did not always have the same level of craze in general public like supercars or luxury sedans. The reasons behind are it are perfectly feasible. However, if there is one brand that can be credited for rekindling the craze about SUVs in people, then it has to be Toyota. Toyota’s long range of SUVs has proved to be extremely well in terms of their design and performance, and this is the reason as to why this brand is the hallmark for premium SUVs. Their new model Toyota Rush 2016 puts your complete attention at rest with its impressive power train and its innovative design. So, let’s have a look at some of its impressive features.

Toyota Rush 2016 front

Toyota Rush 2016 Exterior and Interior

While this 2016 model of Rush has got some stunning visuals, even then it offers some of the finest design attributes in the overall SUV brand of cars. To begin with, its dimensions are quite impressive as they offer adequate spacing for exterior as well as interior features. Its pricing is very cheap compared to its design attributes. So let’s take a look at the design attributes of 2016 Rush.

Grille design has been modified – this new design is comparatively small, but sturdy in nature, LED head lamps have been integrated with modified tail lights and fog lamps, extended front bumper has been introduced with a revised front fascia and rear defogger, new 17 inches alloy wheels with LED indicator lamps around side mirrors.

Toyota Rush 2016 interior

As far as interior design of Toyota Rush 2016 is concerned, safety equipment constitutes most of its interior specification. Interior is spacious, with abundant head and leg room for passengers. Cabin space is equally comforting, with a new dashboard design. This includes a better infotainment module, along with a central console, navigation and connectivity options. Safety specs include premium ABS, airbags, emergency parking assist, as well as traction and stability control.

Toyota Rush 2016 Impressive Power Train

Power train options for this 2016 version of Rush has been carefully selected in order to comprise a better and higher performing engine configuration. Fuel economy along with power subsidiaries are also taken in to consideration while determining the overall quality of a particular engine. In this 2016 Rush model, a 1.5 LITER DOHC WT-i engine has been offered. For more options, you will have to wait till any definite official statement comes in to light. However, this Toyota Rush 2016 model will come along with a 5 speed manual transmission module for better handling.

Toyota Rush 2016 rear

Since auto gear boxes are in high demand, Toyota has incorporated a 4 speed auto transmission spec to go with this Toyota Rush. Even though the power output specs of this engine has not been known yet, but it can effectively generate around 109 lbs. feet of max torque @ 6000 RPM.

Toyota Rush 2016 Price and Release Date

Since Toyota plans on releasing this current Rush model as a 2016 variant, chances are that it will hit the markets by the end of 2015. In addition to that, this Toyota Rush 2016 is currently in post-development stage, so a fixed price as not been set yet.


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