Skoda Yeti 2016 Model, Price

The Skoda Yeti 2016 is a four door compact SUV produced with top quality material and top notch design. There is expectation that this car will come with wonderful redesigned and super changes that will make it the best among other cars in the same segment. Skoda Yeti 2016  is built on the platform of Volkswagen MQB with 4, 6 meters in size making it easy to accommodate up to seven people at a time. There are two exhaust pipes bringing out smoke from the engine for amazing cooling effect. The front site is designed with perfectly designed front bumper and well shaped grille coupled with headlight built with state of the art feature.

Skoda Yeti 2016 front

Skoda Yeti 2016 Exterior and Interior

This car is coming with 17inch wheel with wonderful and untold design. The elegant exterior appearance of this car is going to lure most people to make it their choice. The front and back end of this car are loaded with features including, high tech headlamp, well designed front bumper, quality front grille, taillight designed with touch of class and others.

Skoda Yeti 2016 interior

For the safety of users, this car is loaded with lots of safety guarantee features including stability control, traction control, cruise control warning alarm, rearview camera, amazingly designed seatbelts, innovative airbags, ESC and ABS braking system, rear parking sensor and others. These are the reasons why Skoda Yeti 2016 is the best choice among other brands.

Skoda Yeti 2016 Engine Specs

It is expected that this Skoda Yeti 2016 will be coming with assortment of TSI and TDI engine options. The first engine is going to be2.0-liter Inline-4 diesel engine with power output of 140 horsepower and 236 lb-ft of torque. Another engine option of this car is going to be 1.4-liter petrol engine with output of 120 horsepower and 148 lb-ft of torque. There is also going to be 1.8-liter engine with 150 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque.  The last but not the least engine option that will come with this car is 2-liter Inline-4 engine with 220 horses in the power output.

Skoda Yeti 2016 side

The fuel consumption economy of this Yeti 2016 is going to be great and wonderful. You will be able to enjoy your ride with this car within the city drive for up to 30 miles with only one gallon of fuel. More so, you will enjoy your ride on the highway with only one gallon of fuel up to 35 miles. The competing brands to this car include; Volkswagen Jetta, Toyota Corolla, Renault Fluence and other cars.

Skoda Yeti 2016 Release Date and Price

Based on the information gotten from people that are in charge of promotion with Skoda, it is made to know that this 2016 Skoda Yeti will make it to the world car market in the middle of 2015. The prices have been announced to be $23,000 for the base model and $34,000 for the well equipped and model of this car making it highly competitive with other brands in the market.


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