Nissan Terrano 2016 Changes

Nissan never compromises on quality even if it costs a bit higher. You can always trust this brand, and you will get cars at a reasonable price. They are the face lifting one of their cars which will emerge out as Nissan Terrano 2016. This car is being modified because it needs more attention from customers. Nissan confessed that they failed to meet target amount of customers and hence this time they are performing this facelift with utmost care. This car will be made very tempting now, and performance will be impressive too.

Nissan Terrano 2016 front

Nissan Terrano 2016 Collaboration with Renault

Presently Nissan is making and modifying many vehicles along with the famous Japanese company called Renault. This one is also one of those cars which Nissan is working along with partner Renault. The brand has not disclosed much detail about this car except for the fact that they are enhancing the auto speed transmission. Over here, details have been collected from news leaks all over the world.

Nissan Terrano 2016 rear

Nissan Terrano 2016 will have specifications similar to that of Renault Duster though there will be the difference in size and looks. Nissan has made sure that they are not going to change those features which are unique selling points of this car. Absence of those features will lead to a reduction of their sale intensity. Key features of this car will include patent designs of Nissan, which are present on almost all Nissan SUVs.

Nissan Terrano 2016 Exterior and Interior Changes

Things which have been replaced are its grille in front, headlights and exhaust pipes made of chrome. Due to these changes, appearance of Nissan Terrano 2016 will be elegant and classy. There will be few minor changes which include carrier of aluminum on roof and colored bumpers. Design of headlights will be changed totally which will make the most difference in its appearance. Entire body will be made of different material now. It will be made of lighter material to reduce curb weight. Due to this, engine will have to do less work on carrying the load and it can utilize more of its energy on performance.

Nissan Terrano 2016 interior

Another remarkable fact about Terrano of 2016 is that it will be available with five different chassis colors which include Blade Silver and Sterling grey as well. One of the many changes which almost all car manufacturers do while face lifting is increasing interior space. Nissan is not an exception; it has increased interior space along with leg space.

Nissan Terrano 2016 Engine Specs

As far as engine specifications are concerned, 2016 Nissan Terrano has got a 1.6 liter engine as a base version which can produce power of 105 HP. In all probability, Nissan will release another 2.0 liter engine which will be having computerized speed transmission. This new version can also have auto transmission with Xtronic CVT technology.

Nissan Terrano 2016 Price

This feature is actually a patent feature of Nissan Sunny. Technological consoles are very advanced, and most of them will be upgraded to their latest ones. Nissan Terrano 2016 is supposed to hit the market by the end of this year, and it will be priced with $20,000 for the base version.



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