Nissan Patrol 2016 USA

Nissan Patrol 2016 will be a nice addition into USA auto industry. It is a special model with sophisticated and elegant features. The release of this vehicle will be an exciting experience for car lovers. It will offer best services by passing through terrains. It will come into market with minor changes like exterior design, color and wheel size. The powertrain features of this vehicle will show innovations. Nissan aimed to make this product environment friendly. The interior space will accommodate six passengers. There is no more information available about its interior but we can estimate some features.

Nissan Patrol 2016 front

Exterior & interior design of Nissan Patrol 2016

We can expect technological changes into exterior and interior of this model. It will offer totally different appearance with new body shape and size. This model will be available in the market in three rims with title SE, LE and XE. The front side of this model will show massive upgrades like modified bumper in black color and grille. The new grill will contain more meshes to facilitate the proper ventilation process. The presence of a fine grille, bumper and LED headlights will make the front picture new. The wheels will get a new design with alloy rim. The exterior surface will have different color schemes. We can expect the exterior colors like carbon silver, sheer silver, alpine white, titanium and desert dune. The type of color combination is selected to meet the taste of every customer.

Nissan Patrol 2016 rear

The interior of Nissan Patrol 2016 will possess standard features like telescopic steering, manual tilt, climate control and air conditioning. We can also expect push start button, tubeless tires, power steering wheel and LCD screen. Nissan can also install ABS brakes to assist the drive process. The interior will offer space for five to six passengers. The most striking interior features will include Bluetooth, DVD player, sunroof, high trims and remote engine start. The leather seats will make the interior side more comfortable and relax for the passengers. The space is also good between the seats.

Nissan Patrol 2016 interior

In order to make sure the safety of passengers, we can expect the parking sensors, alarms and seat belts in this model. The installation of airbags, rear camera and traction control system will also make this model perfect.

Nissan Patrol 2016 Engine Specs

The petrol engine will be used for this model and it will generate power equal to 317 horsepower. We can expect the value of torque around 385 pounds. The engine will use six speed automatic transmission systems. The power will be supplied to four wheels. We can also expect the presence of two engines. The use of automatic gearbox will also make the engine most powerful.

The model Nissan Patrol 2016 will have excellent fuel economy around 25 MPG. This model will show higher level of fuel economy on highway road conditions.

Nissan Patrol 2016 Price, Competitors and Release Date

The price of Nissan Patrol 2016 will be around 40,000 dollars and this model will hit the market in 2016. The major competitors of this model include Toyota Land Cruiser.


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