Nissan Kicks 2016 Ready for the Olympic Games in Brazil

SUVs have become so popular in the automotive industry that car manufactures seem to be scrambling to produce the best looking cars that also deliver superior performance. Not to be left in the dust, Nissan has unveiled its latest SUV model, which is actually a crossover type that is smaller and faster. The Japanese manufacturer unveiled the Nissan Kicks 2016 model at the Sao Paulo auto show in 2014. People have been patiently waiting for this car to hit the market. The good news is that, the car is ready; the bad news is that it will first be unveiled and sold in Brazil but that has nothing to do with the design inspiration but has a lot to do with convenience since the Nissan Kicks 2016 is manufactured in Nissan’s resend industrial complex located in Rio de Janeiro. The last cross over model that Nissan produced was the Juke and the Qashqai, which were well received in some quarter but not in all.

Nissan Kicks 2016

Nissan Kicks 2016 Features Changes

The new Nissan Kicks 2016 is an SUV crossover that is 4,3 meters long, which is longer than the length of the Juke, which measures 4,125 meters, but it is a little shorter than the Qashqai. It also has a 2,620-meter wheelbase, which makes it more than your average lightweight crossover. The car is more streamlined and more refined than its predecessors. Some people have called it a Grown up Cross Over SUV.

The outside has not undergone any major overhauls except that it looks more sculpted and classy. The front V mask is higher than that of the Juke or Qashqai. The front bumper has been revised to make the most of the ability to take in air to keep the engine cool. The car is equipped with LED headlights, fog lights and rear lights. The car is offered in two distinct color codes one that is fiery and bold and another that is more subdued and serious. You can either have a combination of colors with gray on the body and orange on the roof. It comes on 19–inch wheels that are made to complement the body.

Expect elegance in the interior o the car. The seats are made of quality leather and the dashboard has a console withal the latest technologies like a 7-inch touch screen that makes wireless phone and sound connection possible. It is also equipped with a navigation system, a rearview digicam, state of the art air conditioning system, Wi-Fi connectivity as well as Bluetooth connectivity. There are many things that are adding to make driving this car a breeze.

Nissan Kicks 2016 interior

Nissan Kicks 2016 Engine and Performance

The Nissan Kicks 2016 will run on a 1.2 liter engine or a 1,6 turbocharged diesel engine. The car will have a CVT transmission and an improve fuel consumption. The engine will be capable of kicking up a sizeable amount of horsepower. The car can reach a top speed of 125 mph and it can do so in 60 seconds. The acceleration is not the only exciting feature but the car has a great oil usage range and the mileage is short of phenomenal.

Nissan Kicks 2016 side

Nissan Kicks 2016 Price and Release Date

The price of the Nissan Kicks 2016 is only $20,000. The car will first be released in Latin American countries as to the exact date; all that Nissan has said is that it will happen early in 2016.


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