Ford Ecosport 2016 India, Model

The Ford Ecosport 2016 is a compact sport utility vehicle that the automaker intends to deliver it with a facelift. Given that the Ecosport is one of the more popular of the lines delivered by Ford, consumers can expect a variety of visual and technical enhancements. There are also reports that indicate that the engine options being provided will additionally be improved upon. There will be an increased amount of engine output along with greater fuel economy.

Ford Ecosport 2016 front

The Ford Ecosport 2016 will present to consumers with a more aggressive aesthetic as well as a look that is best described as more modern than its predecessors. The intention of the automaker was to go against much larger counterparts within the market and a great deal of fan admiration has proven that the choice was ideal.

Ford Ecosport 2016 Engine Specs

The power for the Ford Ecosport 2016 will be provided by a 1.5 liter engine that will come in both diesel and gasoline variants. The gasoline variant will be able to deliver upwards of 112 horsepower and will find itself mated with a manual five speed transmission. The diesel variant will provide an output of an estimated 90 horsepower and will be mated with an automatic six speed transmission. This will result is higher fuel consumption for the vehicle.

Ford Ecosport 2016 Exterior and Interior

The new Ford Ecosport 2016 will feature headlights that are more angular along with a grille that is chrome implanted and a short hood. The vehicle will sit atop a 17 inch alloy wheels with the option to upgrade to larger wheels within the very near future. It is highly likely that LED technology would be featured in the lighting for both the rear and the front of the new Ecosport.

Ford Ecosport 2016 rear

The interior of the new model will be upgraded as well for 2016. Ford has recently teased consumers with the idea of a sun roof being featured in the higher trim levels of the line. The upholstery of the cabin will be constructed from better quality materials as leather seating increases the comfort and luxury levels. The dash will be receiving a new design so that it may host a variety of technologies and enhancements that will make it far better than its predecessors. Consumers can expect to find the automaker’s AppLink and SYNC system and multiple infotainment and safety features. There will also be an incredible audio system installed within the cabin as well and it will be accompanied by a Glympse system that will permit others with the ability to locate you in the event of an emergency.

Ford Ecosport 2016 interior

Ford Ecosport 2016 Release Date and Price

The Ford Ecosport 2016 is expected to arrive in India dealership showrooms either late this year or within the first quarter of next year. The base pricing of the vehicle has not been officially announced at this time, but it is certain that it will be more than competitive. Avid fans of the compact sport utility vehicle have found themselves unable to wait for information to be released, but the wait must continue just a bit longer. It is certain that by the close of this year, Ford will fill in all of the informational gaps for consumers.


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