BMW X5 2017 Release Date, Model

Rumors are floating around the automotive industry about the pending release of the BMW X5 2017. BMW is keeping mum on the redesign of this very popular SUV. What is apparent though is that the new 2017 X5 will be more luxurious and more hip looking than its predecessors. Expect changes to the exterior and the interior of this SUV as well as much improved engine performance and a better fuel consumption. The BMW X5 2017 is a luxury family SUV that offers great off-road ability that is bettered by its exceptional open-road ability. Information is not really forthcoming on this new release, but some are included in this article.

BMW X5 2017 front

BMW X5 2017 Exterior and Interior

With the BMW X5 2017 will take a leap to the top of the luxury SUV market through the elegant and luxurious looking body design. The headlights have undergone a welcome changeover with a unique new look and better functionality. Details are not clear as of yet, but the 2017 X5 will feature a smoother and more elegant but larger front bumper. The exhaust outlets are also new and designed to fit better into the rear bumper. At the rear the newly designed tailgate seems to have evolved to a little bit of a truck-like looking rear-end, from the standard luxury SUV tailgate. It is a pleasant change to an impressive vehicle, with without sacrificing class. The 2017 X5 definitely looks more like a sports SUV with its delicately tapered roofline and sharper design.

Luxury and comfort fills the cabin for pure splendor, as we have come to expect from BMW. The dashboard will undergo changes that will make it more practical and less cluttered. The upholstery will be a white-black leather combination that should look magnificent while adding to driving comfort and style. Technologies will include satellite navigation, a touch screen monitor, advanced climate control and top of the range music system. A leather wrapped steering wheel, the instrument panel and new central console design provides the legendary driver support that BMW is renowned for. Two rows of seats comes standard with the option of selecting third row seats individually, providing flexibility.

New technologies include the Active Driving Assistant, Lane Departure warning and a pedestrian avoidance braking system. Parking assistance, Active Blind Spot Detection and a following distance control system are space age additions to this remarkable SUV.

BMW X5 2017 interior

BMW X5 2017 Engine Specs

The 2017 X5 series comes standard with a 3.0 liter in-line twin turbo 6 cylinder petrol engine that can deliver 300 horsepower and can accelerate from 0-100km/h in 6.2 seconds. The previous versions of the X5 offered a 4.4 liter V8 engine and because information is not forthcoming, one can expect that monster to be included as an engine option. A turbo diesel V8 powered XDrive 5i engine will also be available. Details about the transmission system has not been released as of yet, but one can assume that it will be similar to the previous models with some improvements and modifications possible.

BMW X5 2017 rear

BMW X5 2017 Release Date and Price

The BMW X5 2017 is still in the early design stage; therefore no information is available about the release date or pricing. Expect it around mid to end 2016 with a price tag of just more than the older model.


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