Audi Q6 2017 Review

The Audi Q6 e-tron SUV was introduced at the September 15 2015 Frankfurt Motor show and will be built on the concept of the e-tron Quattro. This car will have a hybrid and an all electric variant and is set to get major redesigns and performance improvements, using top quality materials and state of the art technology. The Audi Q6 2017 will have better performance and fuel economy and also can be driven in any terrain making it better than its competition. It is also rumored to have a driving range of upto 310 miles on a single charge which is a huge improvement for electric and hybrid cars. It was announced so as to rival Tesla model x set to be released soon. The company hopes that by the time this car is in production relevant charging infrastructure for electric cars will have been set up. Countries like China have already pledged to have rapid charge facilities on major highways.

Audi Q6 2017

Audi Q6 2017 Body and Designs

The exterior of the Audi Q6 2017 will come in many colors and have an aerodynamic yet aggressive look with the company’s logo place in the middle of a big grille at the front. The front also has a big bumper and a swooping roofline to compliment its look. Angular LED headlights will be fitted at the edges of the front and fog lights at the bumper. At the rear the tail lights will get a slight redesign to make them look sleeker. The tyres of this car will be huge for comfort and stability when driving through any condition or terrain.

The interior has 4 luxurious leather seats that have adjustable head rests for maximum comfort. The cabin is huge allowing for better leg room and comes with a modern infotainment system controlled by a touch screen display and knobs. It also has USB ports, Bluetooth connectivity for hands free phone calls and Wi-Fi. The touchscreen is also used for navigation and monitoring battery levels. It has climate control with temperature regulators that automatically adjust the temperature inside. For safety the interior of the Audi Q6 2017 has a lane change alert system, collision sensors, parking assist, numerous airbags and a rear view camera. Audi will offer more premium interior materials but at a cost.

Audi Q6 2017 interior

Audi Q6 2017 Whole Power Unit

It all electric variant of the Audi Q6 2017 will run on 4 electric motors one at each wheel connected to a 90 kWh battery; This is set to boost torque and customizing power to each wheel. The battery will have a short charging time with a fast charging option available. This battery will produce about 375 HP and will be able to accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 7 seconds with the top speed set to be 125 mph. Because of its aerodynamic design meant to reduce drag this car will have an improved range of about 310 miles. In addition to the all electric model there will be also the conventional diesel and petrol hybrid models.

Audi Q6 2017 side

Audi Q6 2017 Price and Release Date

The Audi Q6 2017 e-tron is set to be released in the late 2017 or early 2018 with a starting price of $75000. Its main competition will be the Tesla Model X.


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