2018 Mercedes GLS Review, Coupe

The luxurious 2018 Mercedes GLS, according to a variety of unsubstantiated reports, will get an upgraded power train system that will transform it from the 500 into a 600. It will find its greatest competition to be the forthcoming Bentley Bentayga. This will be a vehicle that will undergo a great number of upgrades and enhancements to ensure that it will thoroughly please even the savviest of automotive buyers. Many industry critics and experts are wondering just how distinctive the new 2018 Mercedes GLS will be as compared to the standard model.

2018 Mercedes GLS front

2018 Mercedes GLS Engine and Performance

The power for the upcoming ultra-luxurious vehicle will be provided by a twin turbo charged 4.7 liter V-8 that is able to provide a maximum output of upwards of 429 horsepower and 516 pounds per feet of torque. This unit will be able to assist the vehicle in reaching speeds of 62 miles per hour within a matter of 5.4 seconds from a standing start. As a standard the vehicle will be equipped with the company’s 4MATIC all-wheel drive and the new 2018 Mercedes GLS will be the first Maybach model to send its power to all four of its wheels. The unit will find itself mated with an automatic nine speed transmission that has been additionally found inside of the GLE Coupe.

2018 Mercedes GLS Exterior and Interior

 It is highly expected for the new 2018 Mercedes GLS to undergo a slight increase to its wheelbase and size. With that in mind, those that are familiar with the standard GLS will note that the greatest difference between the two will be the rear doors that will be slightly larger and will not venture over the rear wheel arches as a measure to better accommodate the passengers in the rear. Other than that, the B-pillars and chrome engulfed window sills will be the only true differences that can be seen from the side of the vehicle. The front end of the vehicle will have a new design due to the facelift being afforded to the ultra-luxurious vehicle. The air intakes in the bumper will receive the double trim that is currently outfitting the regular model. In the rear of the vehicle, consumers will be able to take note of the tail pipe exits that will host a design that is quite distinctive with an increased amount of chrome trim in the bottom of the bumper.

Although the current offering of the GLS is able to comfortably seat seven, the new Maybach infused GLS will only offer seating for four. The passengers of the rear of the vehicle will also be the ones to receive the most of the new amenities that are planned to be offered. Additionally, rear seated passengers will be afforded an increased amount of legroom and head room and they will be treated to individual reclining, first class style seats. The cabin will also feature a new center console that will rest between the two occupants providing them with settings for massaging seats, a dual zone climate control system, two tables and more. Consumers are also provided with the option of choosing an optional refrigerator.

2018 Mercedes GLS interior

2018 Mercedes GLS Release Date and Price

As a standard for the 2018 Mercedes GLS variant, there will be with leather and a new door trim. The 2018 Mercedes GLS will be released into the marketplace by the middle of 2017 and will carry a base pricing of $120,000.


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