2018 BMW X7 Price, V12

BMW has already future planned a lot about their X7 as they have started planning out for the 2018 facelift of this car. Last year the maker had given a hint that they will be upgrading one of their full sized SUV and by a year they have announced the name of that car. 2018 BMW X7 has created excitement in all BMW fans all around the globe.

2018 BMW X7 front

2018 BMW X7 Exterior and Interior

Presently this car resembles those cars which belong to 2016 version of BMW’s 7-series. But there are still many features by which you can distinguish 2018 BMW X7 from those of 7-series. Main remarkable feature of upcoming X7 are projections made on roof and hood. These have been installed to increase the load of X7 so as to increase load on center of gravity of this car. SUVs are meant for driving fast and cars lose weight apparently when it is in top speed. It has also been made sure that this will be an all wheel drive car.

Body of 2018 BMW X7 is the same as used in 2016 7-series. This is because both these cars share the same platform. This platform is none other than one patent of BMW called 35up. This platform has got great ratings even from other brands in auto industry. In all probability, this platform will be used by Rolls-Royce for one of its cars. Main feature of 35up platform is its light weight. One of its materials includes carbon fiber which is stronger as well as lighter.

2018 BMW X7 interior

Three row seating is offered by this car. Presently work of this facelift is going on in Spartanburg manufacturing unit of BMW situated in South Carolina. 2018 BMW X7 is supposed to hit the market by late 2017. Work will be on full progress since the beginning of next year. People needed a car like X7 since they wanted something stronger than X6 and X5.

2018 BMW X7 Engine Specs

Another great feature is its compatibility with drive trains of electrified technology. It is expected that 2018 BMW X7 will have a hybrid version along with its normal V8 version. A V12 version might also be released with those. Engines will be offering power of 400 HP and even 500 HP.

2018 BMW X7 Price and Release Date

Major demand arouse from China. Grille will be the same as present in all other BMW vehicles which is one of their trademark things. It will be made of two parts with vertical slits of metal. Brand logo will be embedded right in the end of bonnet. Price of 2018 BMW X7 has not yet been disclosed by the maker. It is difficult to set a price right now.

2018 BMW X7

This car will be equipped heavily to defend any tough competition put forward by Audi Q7, Mercedes-Benz GL-Class, Land Rover Range Rover or Cadillac Escalade. These cars have got features and specifications similar to X7. Hence they become the primary competitors of it. X7 will be made a next generation car since 2018 is still a long time to go and there will be many changes in technology and auto industry.


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