2017 Lincoln Navigator Concept, Interior

The 2017 Lincoln Navigator will probably be a full sized luxury Sports Utility Vehicle that will be extravagant in every way. Previously, there have been three different generations of this car that first debuted in 1998. The existing model was introduced into the market in 2007 and even though it was an excellent model, it may well have to be replaced with a new version that should be available to buyers in about two years from now.

2017 Lincoln Navigator front

2017 Lincoln Navigator Exterior and Interior

On the outside, the Lincoln Navigator Concept will look pretty much the same as the earlier versions, though it will undergo some restyling on both the inside as well as outside. The body will in all probability be made out of aluminum, which will help to make the Navigator lighter as well as more efficient. The taillights are expected to be full and wide and that would give the vehicle a nice appearance. Overall, the new Lincoln Navigator looks very modern and the use of an aluminum body ensures lighter weight, better performance as well as greater aerodynamics. Chances are that Ford will also redesign the grille and the taillights.

2017 Lincoln Navigator interior

On the inside, the 2017 Lincoln Navigator looks very pleasant. There will be plenty of space for passengers and driver alike. Even the rear seats will have plenty of legroom. Minor changes will be made to the dashboard, which will be equipped with the best and most advanced features including an excellent proprietary infotainment system. Overall, the interiors can best be described as being very lavish. The company may also offer a digital speedometer.

2017 Lincoln Navigator Engine Specs

Things get even more interesting when you look under the hood. Though Ford is not going to offer the traditional V8 engine it does plan to introduce a new 5.4-liter V8 that is capable of producing plenty of power and torque. The company will also offer EcoBoost V6 engine options that also produce plenty of power and torque and which are also very fuel efficient as well. Ford may think about introducing the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine that currently powers up the Ford F-150. This engine is capable of producing 370 horsepower and 430 pound feet of torque. Alternatively, the company may offer a 2.7-liter engine for the base model. The engine will probably be mated to a new 10-speed transmission, which has been developed jointly by Ford and GM. There are rumors that suggest that Ford may also offer a hybrid version, which will be powered up by a 3.6-liter engine that delivers superior fuel economy.

2017 Lincoln Navigator side

2017 Lincoln Navigator Release Date and Price

As the new 2017 Lincoln Navigator is still in the development stages it is not possible to say exactly when it will be introduced into the market. However, we do expect it to be available to buyers sometime towards the end of next year (2016). It may even be released in the autumn of that year. As for price, we think that Ford will price this vehicle slightly higher than previous versions. Estimated price of the new 2017 Lincoln Navigator should be between 60000 dollars and 75000 dollars. The 2017 Lincoln Navigator will compete with the likes of the Infiniti QX80, Cadillac Escalade and the Lexus LX.


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