2017 Honda CR-V Redesign, Price

Way back in 1995, the Honda CR-V was one of the most well-known and exciting models. Buyers went out and bought the CR-V in large numbers. There are still great expectations from the new CR-V though at the moment, Honda does not plan to completely redesign its new 2017 Honda CR-V. There have been rumors about this SUV but none of them have mentioned any radical changes. The most that we can expect from the company is that it will make some refreshment but the changes will not be too many. The one thing that we like about Honda is that it always impresses us with the addition of features and other changes. It will be available in the following trims:

  • EX-L
  • LX
  • EX
  • Touring
  • Navi

2017 Honda CR-V front

We expect the powertrain to be changed. Furthermore, changes will also be made to the CR-V for both European buyers and American buyers, but still the earliest that we will see this SUV is sometime in 2016. We have to wait till then to find out more about what it will look like.

2017 Honda CR-V Engine Specs

As for engine options, there will be different engines for the European version and the American one. Even so, each model will use a one-of-a-kind powertrain. European buyers will get a 1.6-liter diesel engine that transmits power to the wheels at the front. A couple of other options may also be available. Most buyers are finding the three-cylinder crossovers to be a good option, which means that Honda might use such an engine with the CR-V. A 1.5-liter turbo engine will be the main option and it will be capable of producing 200 horsepower. This engine will also be more fuel-efficient. To boost fuel economy and performance Honda may be forced into reducing the weight of the CR-V considerably.

2017 Honda CR-V Design

As mentioned, the new 2017 Honda CR-V will not be changed to radically. Even so, the Japanese designers of the car have found it necessary to make a small number of changes and updates. Honda will also change the interiors to offer greater comfort. The upholstery will also be better than in earlier models. 2017 Honda CR-V does boast of a hostile look and the core of the vehicle is very artistic as well as functional. Items like a nice 7-inch touchscreen in the center of the instrumentation table help to make this a more desirable SUV.

2017 Honda CR-V interior

On the outside, the front fascia will be adjusted. The grille will be a new one and the headlights will also be different. Also, the bumper and fog lights as well as the roof will all be tuned to make the CR-V more appealing.

2017 Honda CR-V Release Date and Price

There are rumors that the 2017 Honda CR-V may even be postponed. It may actually end up being offered as a 2018 model. This is only expected to happen if the changes to the CR-V are not completed by 2016, when the CR-V is going to be launched into the market.

2017 Honda CR-V rear

Though this latest generation crossover will not be changed to radically, Honda may bump up the price – though only modestly. Honda may end up pricing the CR-V at between 23,500 and 33,000 dollars.


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