2017 Ford Kuga Release Date, Interior

Ford is a well-known American carmaker that sells its cars in virtually every corner of the world. In particular, the carmaker has a strong presence in Europe and it is here that it sells its Kuga model, which is designed and also developed in Germany. Originally, the Kuga was first introduced in 2007 but today it is being offered as a refreshed and upgraded model. The new 2017 Ford Kuga will get some key modifications that will help to make the car more attractive to buyers.

2017 Ford Kuga front

2017 Ford Kuga Exterior and Interior

The Kuga was developed specially for the European market. Like the original Kuga, the new model will also boast of some excellent characteristics. Today, the carmaker plans to offer the vehicle in not just Europe but also in North America. It will boast of many of the same features that are found in the 2016 model and in addition it will look very refreshed and new. However, in America it will be sold as the Escape.

The 2017 Ford Kuga gets new interiors as well as exteriors. It is also designed to offer lots of comfort and luxury. It is 183.1 inches in length and 72.4 inches wide and has a wheelbase of 105.98 inches and a height of 67.4 inches. The Kuga rides on the Ford C1 platform and has 5 doors and rides on either 17 or 18 or 19-inch alloy wheels. The bumpers at the front and the back are colored in the same color as the rest of the body.

The new Kuga gets a front fascia that has been redesigned and it will also boast of some new design features. However, the fascia at the front of the Kuga is almost exactly like the fascia of the Ford Edge. The same can also be said about the rear end of the vehicle. As for the interiors, the new Kuga will get smaller novelties including a better infotainment system. Other than this the car gets all of the standard features that you would get in a car of this size and type.

2017 Ford Kuga interior

2017 Ford Kuga Engine Specs

Interestingly, the carmaker has also decided not to make any changes as far as engine options go. Like the earlier models, the new 2017 Ford Kuga will also be available in a number of variants. As for gasoline engines, the carmaker plans to offer two engine options – with each making use of the EcoBoost technology. A 1.6-liter petrol engine is the first option available to buyers. This engine is strong enough to produce between 148 horsepower and 180 horsepower. A 2.0-liter engine is the second option available to buyers. This engine is more powerful and is capable of producing 240 horsepower. Ford also plans to offer diesel engines. In fact it is offering a 2.0-liter diesel engine that is available across a number of variants. This engine is capable of outputting between 138 and 178 horsepower.

2017 Ford Kuga rear

2017 Ford Kuga Release Date and Price

Ford does not plan to increase the price of the 2017 Ford Kuga. This means that if you are planning on buying the vehicle then you should be ready to pay about 23, 000 dollars for the base variant. The new 2017 Ford Kuga is slated to be released into the market sometime next year.


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