2017 Buick Enclave Redesign, Concept

Based on the last round of rumors, the 2017 Buick Enclave is able to offer consumers with a very attractive vehicle at first sight. This is a vehicle that is said to feature an amazing design with more alterations from the redesign concept. As a measure of impressing buyers, the bodywork will present much fresher than the previous model. The company has taken the time to make improvements and alterations to the exterior that will deliver a far more impressive aesthetic. It has been widely rumored that the new Enclave will present with lighter body work and heightened fuel economy.

2017 Buick Enclave front

2017 Buick Enclave Engine Specs

Currently, there is no precise information available regarding the power train. One such rumor contends that the power will come from a 3.6 liter V-6 engine that will be mated with an automatic nine speed transmission. As we move closer to the release date, it is certain that the automaker will provide the exact specifications of the power train, including any options available per trim level (if applicable).

2017 Buick Enclave Interior and Exterior

Within the cabin, consumers will be presented with improvements, although precisely what they are remains a mystery. There are a great deal of unofficial sites that contend that the overall look of the interior will become classier. They further contend that the alterations to the interior will make it a much more beautiful vehicle than ever before. The seating of the 2017 Buick Enclave will deliver both the driver and their passengers with increased amount of comfort. High quality materials will also be throughout the cabin and the latest in technology will be presented to consumers. The entertainment panel is said to now be complete and the driving experience has been made better. A few sources that are close to the company state that the ride within the cabin will be more quiet and smooth than before, making it more attractive than other models.

2017 Buick Enclave interior

As far as the exterior of the 2017 Buick Enclave, consumers should expect a sleek aesthetic that will appeal to discerning consumers. 2017 Buick Enclave is a vehicle that is targeted more for the consumer that is a fan of luxury vehicles and is past their teenage years. Given the targeted audience, there is said to be an increased amount of care being taken to ensure that the very best production model will be presented. This level of care may result, according to industry chatter, in a delay during the testing process.

2017 Buick Enclave Release Date and Price

The company has remained extremely quiet regarding a great deal of information, especially the release date of the 2017 Buick Enclave. There are a number of ramped rumors that proclaim on their own that the new Enclave will be released within the spring of 2017. Should the rumors be true, this would mean that the automotive giant would be able to push the release as far out as early 2017 and turn the new Enclave into a 2018 model year variant.

2017 Buick Enclave rear


The base pricing is yet another aspect that has yet to be discussed publically by the company. Critics and experts within the industry have refrained from speculating about the pricing due to the ever so minute amount of information that is available.


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