2016 VW Tiguan TDI USA

The first glimpse of the new 2016 VW Tiguan TDI shows us that Volkswagen is sticking to the same body as is used on the existing Tiguan vehicles. Perhaps they are doing this in order to conceal the latest mechanicals. Even so, when we looked at the panels that seem to fit quite oddly and we looked at a few interior elements we knew instantly that we were looking at the new Tiguan TDI.

2016 VW Tiguan TDI front

2016 VW Tiguan TDI Interior and Exterior Redesign

The new 2016 VW Tiguan TDI will have many mechanical as well as visual changes. The changes that have been done to the Tiguan TDI include increase in cargo space and the vehicle itself will also be larger than the existing model. It will be placed on the same platform as is used in the Golf though there will be an option for a lengthier wheelbase. Reports suggest that the Tiguan TDI will have three rows of seat and that it will be large enough to accommodate seven passengers. The storage capacity has been increased and of course there will be more cargo space as well. Furthermore, the company will also offer more standard features within each and every variant of the Tiguan TDI.

2016 VW Tiguan TDI rear

The nice thing about the new 2016 VW Tiguan TDI is that the space in the interiors will be managed in a more efficient manner. Even though this vehicle is small in size, it can still easily accommodate fie passengers with ease. The cargo space will be increased to five hundred liters, and the wheelbase will have a longer length of 2700 mm. The cabin is designed to be very comfortable and it will also include many new features. There is also a brand new steering wheel provided with this vehicle, which also has a brand new instrument cluster.

2016 VW Tiguan TDI interior

On the outside, the 2016 VW Tiguan TDI will look very modern as well as chic. The front portion of the vehicle will have some very nice grilles which in turn will have plenty of chrome and which will also be linked up with lengthened headlights.

2016 Tiguan TDI Fuel Eonomy

The 2016 VW Tiguan TDI will have many engine options and it will be offered in three variants plus you can choose between six-speed transmission and automatic transmission as well as seven-speed dual clutch. The vehicle should provide eighteen miles per gallon in the city and 26 mpg on the highway.

2016 VW Tiguan TDI Release Date, Competitors and Price

The first Tiguan was released as a compact crossover in 2007 and it has over time become a very popular model in its class. The company considers that this will be a very important model and is offering the crossover in every corner of the world. The new Tiguan TDI 2016 will be redesigned to ensure that it enjoys the same popularity as the earlier models. It should be released into the market towards the end of 2016. As for price, the company has not released any concrete information on this.

The new 2016 VW Tiguan TDI will compete against the Honda CR-V and the Ford Escape. To help Volkswagen close the current gap in sales that exists between its vehicles and the competition, VW will need to undergo some major changes. Company officials maintain that the changes to the Tiguan TDI are similar to those that were made to the Passat model. These changes are aimed at making this SUV a recognizable brand in the USA.



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