2016 Suzuki Jimny Price and Release Date

Mr. Dale Wyatt, General Manager of the Japanese company Suzuki has said that the 2016 Suzuki Jimny will be more of an evolution than an improved car. The Jimny was demonstrated in the 2015 Geneva Auto Show. Being much more compact and stunning off-road abilities this car can reach rocky and mountain terrains. Suzuki expects to sell around 2000 units in the first year itself. The mini SUV is thought to be a very good marketing product for the Japanese Company. The SUV is much preferred because of its high ground clearance, small size and four wheel drive ability.

2016 Suzuki Jimny front

2016 Suzuki Jimny Exterior and Interior

The 2016 Suzuki Jimny has an impressive breaking system and veracious steering system providing much better turnings in sharp roads. The chassis is made light weighted by using materials of high conductivity which reduces the weight of the car by 250 pounds. It comes out with a much larger wheel base and the SUV will be available in two trim levels, one being SXT and the other is R/T. The appearance and the look of the new SUV includes projector beam lamps, bright fog lamps and innovative grille design.

2016 Suzuki Jimny rear

The mini SUV has a new power steering wheel which has many functions. The car is also known as the driver’s paradise. The premium car carpets are beautifully finished and well decorated. The interior has 4 USB ports with 8 inches LED screen with all time GPS facilities. It is rumored to be a three row seating with a capability of total 8 people. A 3D compass and tachometer is also present inside the car. And, for amusement the 8 speakers, Dolby music is none the less. The new 2016 Suzuki Jimny has better electronic stability and new Infotainment System. It will be a bit friendlier to the next generation because of the use of technology in it.

The new dual 6 ABS air bags installed in the car makes sure that its passengers are safe in case of any kind of mishap.

2016 Suzuki Jimny interior

2016 Suzuki Jimny Engine Specs

Under the hood lies a 5.8 liter V8 engine providing a horsepower of 340 and a torque of 362 pound-feet. It has 6-speed automatic transmission system has an EPA-estimated mileage of 16 mpg on the city roads and on the highways, it is expected to be around 23 mpg. The V8 engines of 2016 Suzuki Jimny produce excess power to improve the Powertrain of this car. The drivers who have test driven this car has told that the automatic gear shifts takes place in perfect time. There is no noise of the engine from outside the car as well as from inside of it. The Colorado testing report gives that the suspension of the car is one of the best used in any SUVs.

2016 Suzuki Jimny Release Date and Price

The 2016 Suzuki Jimny will be available to the customers in the year of 2016 and will be in the price range of $15,000 to $25,000. This mini SUV competes with the Land Rover DC100, Suzuki iM-4 and Suzuki iK-2 which are equally good for this car.


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