2016 Subaru Tribeca Review

Subaru’s Tribeca model is a vehicle that was always plagued by few major inconsistencies that the company would be looking forward to correcting with the release of 2016 Subaru Tribeca. Ever since its launch, it faced a lot of criticism and failed to record even moderately successful sales figures and was finally discontinued from production in 2013.

2016 Subaru Tribeca front

The Japanese automaker has realised that it is high time to capitalize of the increase in demand in the SUV market and prove their mettle once again. This vehicle will sport a refreshing new exterior design, luxurious interiors and performance levels, which the company claim, will be like something very few has ever seen before.

2016 Subaru Tribeca Exterior and Interior Redesign

The most radical changes are expected to happen in the car’s exterior, as the previous version was criticised based on its design language. The success of 2016 Subaru Tribeca will largely depend on how the company implements modern design to make this car standout from the crowd. The previous version looked so ordinary that it needed a facelift in just 2 years after its release, but it still couldn’t save itself from the design flaws. This upcoming model will likely boast of better aerodynamics and LED equipped lights among other modern day styling changes.

The company has not declared any official details about how the car’s interior might look, but we expect unique visuals along with superior comfort elements that make this car the perfect family SUV. The 2016 Subaru Tribeca will likely have ample cabin space to accommodate up to seven passengers with enough head and legroom for comfortable sitting. Leather might be used to wrap its seats while soft touch materials are expected to cover rest of the car’s interior.

2016 Subaru Tribeca interior

This car will, reportedly, host a ton of safety and infotainment features that will further boost its value. Expect a great quality audio system, automatic air conditioning, navigation, ABS and traction control mechanism and an added moon roof. There will also be safety bags for each passenger and driver.

2016 Subaru Tribeca Engine Specs

The upcoming 2016 Subaru Tribeca will additionally be offered in North American market to comply with regulations set for more environ-friendly vehicles. For the base version, we expect it to be powered by a 2.5 litre 4-cylinder engine mated to a 5-speed auto transmission system and producing a maximum horsepower of 230. It will come in all-wheel drive system. The Plug-in Hybrid model will likely offer a 3.6 litre V6 unit and produce 256 hp. There are no stats available yet regarding the vehicles fuel efficiency, but we expect the Tribeca to live up to the promises made by its makers.

2016 Subaru Tribeca rear

2016 Subaru Tribeca Release Date and Price

Exact release date of 2016 Subaru Tribeca has not been revealed, but we expect that the company will take its wraps off somewhere around the middle of 2016. As far as price is concerned, it will most certainly cost more than the current version. Be prepared to shell out money between $35,000 and $38,000 for the base variant.


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