2016 Renault Kadjar Price

Renault has enjoyed the success of earlier world-class models in the market. The Company has been buoyed by this success and has announced that it will be releasing a new model into the market. The new 2016 Renault Kadjar will be the company’s first C-segment crossover brand to be manufactured. With a fast growing economy and increased market, the company has high ambitions from this model. Once launched, the 2016 Renault Kadjar will hit the market sales in Europe, Africa and Mediterranean countries. The new model has advanced innovative and attractive features. It is a unique model with an athletic, stylish appearance and is streamlined in a fluid style. The Kadjar has higher fuel efficiency engines with lower fuel consumption than any other model in the C-segment.

2016 Renault Kadjar front

2016 Renault Kadjar Exterior and Interior Redesign

2016 Renault Kadjar is a model that was designed with a lot of elegance and strength for the crossover market. It is one of the best models in the C-segment category that draws cues from best SUV’s and saloons in the automotive industry. Its design is borrowed from the Captur concept and DeZir concept strategies. These designs of this model explore a sense of love, dynamism, adventure and a sense of touch. Its red flame color portrays the ambience of the model that inspires a sense of passion and seduction power. It’s a model that brings new concepts into the crossover market with its unique design that breaks the normal trend of current segments. The Kadjar is compact and has a low roofline. On the front, its striped chrome grille is fitted perfectly accentuating the cars power train. Its assertive character is clearly portrayed by well-placed headlights, fluid athletic style, and perfectly designed lines. At the rear, the vehicle is designed in a bumper style exhibiting its quality.

2016 Renault Kadjar interior

When it comes to the interior of the 2016 Renault Kadjar, it is perfectly refined in a sporty style. It is a luxurious vehicle that has smart designs and exhibits comfort. Its touchscreen dashboard is made from high quality foam-backed materials that are remolded nicely. Its seats are stitched in double rows displaying its beauty and distinct designs. The Kadjar has advanced technological features which contribute to its ultimate efficiency and modular crossover design. The model is spacious in its cabin with an additional storage capacity at the rear.

2016 Renault Kadjar Engine and Performance

The company has not disclosed the mechanical details of the model clearly into the market until its launch date. However, sharing a similar platform with the Qashqai, it is expected that the model will be available in three versions. A 1.2 liter 4-cylinder turbo charged petrol engine with an ability to produce 108 horsepower; a 1.5 4-cylinder turbo charged petrol engine that is can produce a horsepower of 128 and a 1.6 liter turbo charged diesel engine. The Kadjar has increased traction with three options for the driver to select from depending on the situation experienced on the road. It has a front wheel and all-wheel drive mode options. The model stands out unique with its high fuel efficiency.

2016 Renault Kadjar Competitors, Price and Release date

The 2016 Renault Kadjar model is equipped with intuitive and advanced technological features will be launched in March, 2015 during the Geneva motor show.

2016 Renault Kadjar rear

The official price of the model has not been set, however the starting price of the Kadjar will be around 18,000 pounds. The model will have competition from the Nissan Qashqai, Honda CR-V, and Mazda CX-5.


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