2016 Range Rover Sport Price

If you are talking about luxury SUVs, then a brand new 2016 Range Rover Sports model has been presented just in time for you. This Range Rover franchise has been developing a new lightweight aluminium chassis for a considerable length of time – and it is finally time that they have tried to make a complete product out of it. Not only does it hugely improve the driving quality of this new vehicle, but it also offers many improvements in terms of design as well as the overall engineering of this SUV. Evidently, this new car will blow you out of proportion when it hits the markets.

2016 Range Rover Sport front

As all experts say, an SUV is as good as its power train – so, judging by that fact, this 2016 model of Range Rover Sport should be riveting in the face of most of its competitors. A highly fuel efficient unit, backed by a regal “under the hood” configuration is just going to sweep all customers off their feet. In addition to that, its design aspects along with off-road abilities certainly make sure that it will turn out to be one of the best cars in its genre.

2016 Range Rover Sport Engine Specs

The best part about 2016 Range Rover Sport is the franchise is actually allowing its previous engines to remain in this market, even though a new engine unit is being announced. This has been done to keep in mind various customer requests – where several customers have shared their fascination with the current line of engine choices. So, along with its currently available gasoline units of V6 as well as V8 cylinder configuration, this 2016 Range Rover Sport will come with a 3.0 LITER Turbo V6 cylinder diesel unit.

2016 Range Rover Sport side

This new engine is rated at 254 HP of power as well as 440 lbs. feet of torque. You cannot solely judge the merits of this engine based on that data. Its design is exquisite and it guarantees impressive performance in off-road conditions as well. Its handling is very good, leading to better manoeuvres and control aspects. A top speed of 130 MPH has been estimated, along with an acceleration of 0 – 60 MPH in less than 7.4 seconds.

2016 Range Rover Sport Better Design Elements

Since you are considering this 2016 Range Rover Sport, which is basically a Sports variant to the original base model, there are a lot of added features that come with it. What are they? Let’s take a look.

Its standard wheel base will certainly be replaced with more equipped HSE trims – along with 20 inch wheels.

A special “Terrain Response” traction control would be introduced that would automatically change or optimize its performance.

2016 Range Rover Sport interior

Along with special adaptive suspension as well as innovative differential control, it formulates better response in driving.

Impressive interior decor specs with special accommodation for 3 rows of seats in this Sports variant.

Improved exterior, with a rugged look.

2016 Range Rover Sport Release Date and Price

The fall would be a good anticipation for the release of this 2016 Range Rover Sport. It is pretty hard to comment on its pricing attributes, but sources suggest that it would start at $71000.



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