2016 Range Rover Release Date, Diesel

Diesel engines are about to take a huge win in the SUV markets when the latest 2016 Range Rover releases next fall. Since a couple of past years, there has been a lot of buzz regarding hybrid and gasoline engines in SUVs. Diesel engines were taking a hit due to lack of models and promotion. However, things are finally looking bright for diesel lovers who want a powerful SUV. This latest Range Rover model has everything a customer can ask for in an SUV, and it comes exclusively as a diesel unit.

2016 Range Rover front

Not only will it be an extremely fuel efficient model, but it would also incorporate some of the finest design models in the automobile industry. Even though at the present moment, there is still a single diesel variant available for this Range Rover model, but there are official sources which claim that another diesel variant is not a long shot. So, let’s take a look at some of the special specifications that this 2016 model will bring forward.

2016 Range Rover Engine Specs

The most important thing that any aggressive SUV lover likes to be in his own car is a powerful power train configuration. This is exactly the case with 2016 Range Rover. According to official sources, a 3.0 LITER Turbo Diesel V6 cylinder engine will be incorporated in this 2016 model that can effectively churn out a max power spec of 254 HP, as well as 440 lbs. feet of torque and 1750 RPM only. To compliment this engine, an 8 speed automatic ZF transmission module as well as a 4 wheel drive train spec will be placed alongside it.

2016 Range Rover Impressive EPA Ratings

Fuel economy is a very important factor in this market. This is the reason as to why plenty of SUV owners are looking for alternative choices that can guarantee them better performance with impressive ratings for fuel consumption as well. Some sources report that this new 2016 Rover model will estimate an approximate EPA rating of 22 MPG in city drive, along with 28 MPG in the highway drive – thus making a combined rating of 25 MPG. This is actually great for a V6 cylinder SUV – pretty great considering Range Rover’s last model.

2016 Range Rover rear

2016 Range Rover Design Features

In this 2016 Range Rover, the chassis design owes a lot in terms of design as well as performance. Several improvements were made to the previous chassis design, thereby making it much more competent this time for this 2016 model. Some of those design changes include:

  • Better aerodynamic stability – leading to better handling and maneuverability.
  • Improved exterior bumper design, with a modified grille that makes the external look much more aggressive.

2016 Range Rover interior

  • A completely redesigned interior, with better cabin accommodation, improved seating arrangements as well as a slew of advanced technological upgrades.
  • Sophisticated dashboard configuration – leading to an elegant finish and better control options while driving.

2016 Range Rover Release Date

This 2016 Range Rover was just released in the Detroit Auto Show in January 2016. There is still much information that has not come up. So, tagging an estimated price and availability date is too far-fetched at the present moment.


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