2016 Lexus TX Crossover

Lexus TX is a luxury crossover vehicle which is already creating quite a buzz in the market. Lexus is a luxury vehicle division of Japanese automobile manufacturers Toyota Motor Corporation. On closely observing TX one may find a lot of similarities with Lexus RX 350 in terms of interior and exterior design. Lexus RX provides top quality comfort and luxury but where it fails to compete with most of its rivals is in terms of power. The TX, on the other hand, will be more powerful with way better drivetrain. According to company sources, it would come equipped with all the high-tech gadgets one can expect from a modern vehicle. 2016 Lexus TX would be bigger in size with a seating capacity of 7-8 people.

2016 Lexus TX front

2016 Lexus TX Exterior

2016 Lexus TX would have a big and imposing structure but would have a sporty theme which suits the SUV very nicely. It’s low height, and sleek look gives it flat and sophisticated feel. It will have quite a lot of similarities with RX 350. As it is a luxury car, aluminium has been used in abundant quantity, keeping net weight reduction in mind. It would in terms improve the on-road performance. Front portion will be flat with a small slot like grille on centre of which one would be able to the company logo. Roof will be slightly arching, and the body will have a lot of curves. Roof will slope down angularly on the rear section. It would have a large wheel base and 20 inch alloy wheels.

2016 Lexus TX side

2016 Lexus TX Interior

If you are seeking luxury then 2016 TX won’t disappoint you. First look inside the vehicle gives you a feel of sophistication and elegance. There wouldn’t be use of much vibrant colours; it would be more simple yet elegant. Top quality upholstery and soft materials in the seats makes them very comfortable. Front seats would be direction adjustable and would come with internal heating. You will also find many advanced equipments such as multi-zone climate control, LCD touch screen, internal heating in seats, etc.

2016 Lexus TX interior

2016 Lexus TX Competitors

Lexus TX 2016 will certainly not it easy in terms of competitions as currently there are a lot of equally good vehicles in luxury crossover department. Latest version of the Midsize SUV Acura MDX will certainly be a rival Lexus need to watch out for, due to its popularity in North America. Even though mid-sized it offers seven people seating arrangement. It has attractive looks, and it is almost equivalent to TX in terms of power and performance, but will fall short compared to the TX in luxury department.

2016 Lexus TX Engine and Price

Under the hood 2016 Lexus TX is a pretty decent vehicle. It would most probably come equipped with 3.5 L i-VTEC SOHC V6 engine. This engine would be able to generate 290 horsepower along with 247 lb-ft of torque. There has been no official confirmation on fuel economy as of yet. Lexus also plans to introduce a hybrid version soon. Final price has not been released yet, but it would be something around $60,000.


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