2016 Jeep Cherokee Release Date

There are few Jeep cars which will drive you crazy just by its mere sight. Cherokee is one of them for sure. This particular car is undergoing renovation at present and will be out in the market as 2016 Jeep Cherokee. First thing that will catch your eye is its unique design of the grille. The grille is basically a rectangular structure, but it has got many vertical boxes side by side on it. It has got no function, but it increases the attractiveness to a great extent.

2016 Jeep Cherokee front

2016 Jeep Cherokee Exterior and interior

Headlights are rather unusual in Cherokee. They are a single small solid circular light with a line of LED embracing it. Next are its fog lamps which are unique too. This car has got most exterior designs which are absolutely different from most other cars in the market. Fog lamps in 2016 Jeep Cherokee are a small line of LED just under the headlight box. They produce quite a good intensity of light though many believe that they are not good as fog lamps.

2016 Jeep Cherokee rear

Another portion of the grille has been made on the bottom center of the front damper which covers a considerable section of damper. Due to this, better exchange of air and gasses will take place as, only one part was not sufficient. Ground clearance is optimum as it should be. You need not worry about car’s chassis hitting the road even at rough road surfaces unless its havoc.

Wheels have been replaced with broader ones and alloy wheels made of better build quality. These alloy wheels are black ones, and spokes are in a pair. The Jeep logo has been embedded in the center right above the grille on bonnet.

2016 Jeep Cherokee interior

2016 Jeep Cherokee Engine

As for the base engine, 2016 Jeep Cherokee has got a 2.8 liter engine of four cylinders; this engine can produce power of about 184 HP with a torque of 171 lb-ft. Another engine version of this car has got a 3.6 liter engine V6, which can produce power of about 271 HP with a torque of 239 lb-ft. Best thing about this car is that you get both the engines under single hood. While driving, it is up to you which engine you want to drive with.

These powerful engines come with 8 automatic speed transmissions. Due to this, you will have better acceleration and pickup than before. It has been estimated that 2016 Jeep Cherokee can accelerate to about 50 miles in around 10 seconds. Fuel economy is one of the most important aspects of a car. Cherokee has got a fuel economy of 22 mpg for city drive and 31 mpg for highway drive. This ranges from 19 mpg for city drive and 27 mpg for highway drive.

2016 Jeep Cherokee Price and Release Date

This time, fuel consumption has been decreased by twenty percent. 2016 Jeep Cherokee is supposed to hit the market in March of 2016. This car has been fixed with a price of around $38000 to about $42000 depending on features offered and engine version chosen. It is better to opt for the higher version engine as it will give better performance.


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