2016 Honda Pilot Redesign

2016 Honda Pilot is one of the many success stories offered by leading Japanese automobile manufacturing firm – Honda Motor Co Ltd, after selling over more than 100,000 units the last financial year. It is also reportedly the biggest sport utility vehicle offered by the company with respect to exterior dimensions. It has been awarded several times which include “Most Wanted SUV”, “Best Large Utility” etc. and has been continuously voted the “Best Large SUV” by “Car And Driver Magazine” from 2003 till 2008. It should be duly noted that though the model is specifically targeted towards the North American automobile market, is also available in Australia, Dominican Republic, Russia, Philippines, Ukraine, Japan & in Middle East.

2016 Honda Pilot front

2016 Honda Pilot Engine & Power Transmission

2016 Honda Pilot is powered by a primary i-VTEC V-6 cylinder 3.5L direct injection engine which has been designed using the latest “Earth Dreams Technology”. The power train works in combination with a 6 speed automatic or a 9 speed automatic power transmission. It works on the “Variable Cylinder” principle that allows the engine to automatically switch between three & six cylinder modes. This further helps to boost power output when the load increases and also helps in reducing overall fuel consumption when the load decreases. It should be noted that the power train features a total torque & power output of 267lbft & 290HP respectively.

2016 Honda Pilot rear

2016 Honda Pilot further features a highly improved suspension and has a front engine placement. One should note that the model uses an electronically controlled gear box which has been arranged on both sides of rear clutch differential. This allows in maximizing traction output and hence makes it very easy to control the vehicle even when driving at very high speeds. Since its introduction in 2003, all Honda Pilot model come in a primary all wheel driving platform that makes the car suited for all types of terrain.

2016 Honda Pilot Exterior & Interior Redesign

2016 Honda Pilot offers major changes in exterior as well as interior design – the model offers a highly spacious interior with increased cargo space & premium quality cabin design. It has a deluxe & luxurious feel in addition to a redesigned exterior – next generation Honda Pilot is relatively more muscular compared to its predecessors. Also, one should conveniently take notice of the sleek design and the newly installed LED projector head lights. The model is also high on safety & security features as it incorporated the latest “Honda Sensing Technology” along with other updated drive assist functions.

2016 Honda Pilot interior

2016 Honda Pilot Release Date

2016 Honda Pilot was released at the Chicago Motor Show held on 12th February 2015 as a midsized cross over sports utility vehicle exclusively for the North American market (United States & Canada).One should also note that it up for the much acclaimed “SUV of the Year” title offered by leading Car reviewing website – Motor Trend, along with other Honda SUV models such as the HR-V. This model boasts an advanced power train with a high fuel efficiency & fuel economy without compromising on power and is hence often referred to as the perfect “Family SUV”.


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