2016 Honda CR-V Review, Release Date

2016 Honda CR-V initially made its debut as a cross over compact sports utility vehicle in 1997 and shared the same platform as that of Honda Civic. The model was formally introduced to the Japanese automobile market, followed by United Kingdom & United States.It is now marketed across the globe in countries such as China, Mexico, Canada, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, South Africa, Brazil, Peru, India, and Malaysia etc.

2016 Honda CR-V front

The model primarily has a front engine placement arranged in a transverse fashion in addition to a four wheel or all-wheel drive platform.It should be noted that the model is often referred to as Honda’s most remarkable entry level SUV.

2016 Honda CR-V Assembly & Subsidiaries

2016 Honda CRV is currently manufactured in several countries all over the world with major production centers in Ohio (United States), Jalisco (Mexico), Saitama (Japan), Ayutthaya (Thailand), Ontario (Canada), Karawang (Indonesia), Swindon (England), Wuhan (China) and India. These manufacturing units are mostly wholly owned subsidiaries by the Honda Motor Co Ltd such as Honda Mexico, Honda of Canada Manufacturing, Honda India and Honda of UK Manufacturing, etc. However, one should note that the company has collaborated on many occasions such as with Dongfeng Motor Company to form Dongfeng Honda Automobile Company.

2016 Honda CR-V rear

2016 Honda CR-V Interior Upgrades

Major interior changes in 2016 Honda CRV include automatic heated front seats, upgrades dash board or center console, rear view mirror, satellite based navigation system, 7 inch touch screen display, cup holders etc. One should also note that the model features a relatively larger leg room & cargo storage space. In addition to the above, both seat rows feature a steel based framework covered by premium quality leather fabric in order to maximize comfort & luxury.

2016 Honda CR-V interior

2016 Honda CR-V Engine & Power Transmission

2016 Honda CR-V carries over its previous power train from the 4th generation model which comprises of a 2.4L, inline 4 cylinder engine that is capable of generating a decent 190HP of power. However, along with this primary power train, the model will also expected to feature a series of alternate engine configurations thus giving customers a wide range of options to choose from. These include i-VTEC 155HP & 192Nm 2.0L unit and a 150HP & 349Nm i-DETC 2.2L diesel based engine. All of these engines have been mated to a Continuously Variable Power Transmission system with a dual clutch gear box which provides it greater fuel efficiency & lowers fuel consumption considerably.

2016 Honda CR-V Release Date and Price

2016 Honda CR-V is expected to come out by the end of this year or the first half of next year as a 2016 year model. According to rough estimates drawn by car critics & industry analysts, the car is speculated to resemble that of the previous model and will be priced at about $23,300. One should however take note of the fact that the model will be a bit more expensive compared to 4th generation Honda CRV. Its final date of release & exact price still remain to be formally announced and are expected to be revealed in the near future.


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