2016 Ford Flex Redesign

The 2016 Ford Flex has a very unique style. It comes with a number of features including a couple of chrome exhaust tips. It is also available in six different wheel options and its bedside grooves are also very distinctive. The chrome grille with incorporated headlamps also adds to the appeal of the vehicle, which has FLEX lettering on the bonnet. This new offering from Ford will make for a perfect family vehicle as it has plenty of space to accommodate an entire family.

2016 Ford Flex front

2016 Ford Flex Interior and Exterior Redesign

The new Ford Flex has been revamped and will come with many revolutionary changes. It has been designed to look like a futuristic crossover vehicle.

On the outside the 2016 Ford Flex has a straight design. It also looks very boxy in keeping with the earlier Ford Flex models. The car has been designed to give a slightly different look. The fascia has been extended and the dimensions of the grille have also changed as too the introduction of angled tailgate and headlights that help to do away with all contrasting colors.

2016 Ford Flex side

On the inside, the car looks different to the earlier models. The leather-trimmed seats are very comfortable and with three rows of seating the car has the ability to accommodate up to six people. There is also a nice two-inch touch screen display and there are also twelve speakers that produce the best quality sound. The cabin has been redesigned though the changes made to it are quite sporadic by nature. The seats will have the same upholstery. The cabin appears to be roomy because of the angularity of its shape. The only problem is that reaching the back seats is not all that easy. In the top end models, the company has provided wood accents in a dashboard that has undergone some redesign work. There is a 4.2-inch touch screen display that completes the instrument panel and as mentioned the Sony twelve speaker audio system belts out a lot of entertainment in terms of top-notch audio reproduction. There are six airbags and the Ford Flex also comes with both traction as well as stability controls and it also has anti-lock brakes. You can also opt for parking sensors and a rearview camera.

2016 Ford Flex interior

2016 Ford Flex Engine Specs

The base 2016 Ford Flex model will continue to be powered by a V6 engine that is capable of producing two hundred and eighty-seven horsepower and two hundred and fifty-four pound feet of torque. The EcoBoost engine produces three hundred and sixty-five horsepower and three hundred and fifty pound feet of torque. The power is transmitted with the help of a six-speed auto transmission and there is a chance that the company may also provide a nine-speed gearbox. A hybrid engine may also be in the offing. The EPA ratings for the new Ford Flex are eighteen miles per gallon in the city and twenty-five miles per gallon on the highway. The EcoBoost on the other hand gives sixteen miles per gallon in city conditions and twenty-three mpg on the highway.

2016 Ford Flex Price

The 2016 Ford Flex will be priced at about twenty-nine thousand dollars and the hybrid version will cost about thirty-eight thousand dollars.


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