2016 Ford Expedition Redesign

The new 2016 Ford Expedition is to undergo a complete and thorough redesigning job. When the car is introduced it is going to pant and also look very beautiful. This SUV is large enough to accommodate eight passengers. Also, the styling will be quite different to the earlier model. Even so, not everything about the new Ford Expedition is going to be different. For example, it will still be very powerful and it will also retain its stylish looks. Also, performance will be excellent and the company is also offering a new option in regard to the engine. The car also will weigh less than previous models. Reports suggest that the Expedition will weigh between two hundred and three hundred pounds less.

2016 Ford Expedition front

2016 Ford Expedition Exterior and Interiro Redesign

The top of this vehicle will be aggressive and the body looks very modern and it also exudes power. The grille has plenty of chrome and the entrance headlights have been redesigned. The bumper also has been given a makeover. Tires should measure all of twenty-two inches. The Expedition also has five doors and the nice thing about the doors is that they open very fast.

2016 Ford Expedition interior

Inside the 2016 Ford Expedition, the cabin is loaded with the latest features and an example of that is the excellent audio system from Sony. The infotainment system is the proprietary MyFord Feel system. In addition, the vehicle also gets new management and Bluetooth is available as too is a nice air conditioner and USB section. Thanks to the use of LEDs inside, the interiors are highly visible and of course the lights will use very little energy at the same time.

There are a number of trims offered including:

  • XLT
  • XLT EL
  • Minimal
  • Constrained EL
  • MasterRanch& Platinum
  • MasterRanch and Platinum EL

2016 Ford Expedition rear

2016 Ford Expedition Engine Specs

Each of these trims is available with the same motor. The main alteration to the vehicle seems to be to its powertrain. An EcoBoost engine replaces the earlier five point four liter V8 engine. The reason for using the EcoBoost is that this engine is very productive. What’s more, the three point six liter V6 EcoBoost is much more efficient and it offers better fuel economy as well. The three point five liter V6 engine produces as many as three hundred and sixty-five horsepower and four hundred and twenty pound feet of torque. It is coupled to a six-speed auto transmission. The drive has been placed on the rear wheels.

2016 Ford Expedition Release Date and Price

Till date, Ford has not provided any information or given any clue as to when the 2016 Ford Expedition will be introduced into the market. The company has also not provided any information about the price of the vehicle but in all probability the company will price this 2016 Ford Expedition at about the same price of the earlier model. The base price could be as much as forty-two thousand dollars but this is only based on assumptions. The bottom line is that Ford has redesigned this vehicle and made it look very modern. The materials used are better and the same goes for the vehicle’s aerodynamics. Minor changes like a bigger faceplate have been made. Wheels will be made from aluminum and will measure about eighteen inches.


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