2016 Dodge Journey Changes

Unsurprisingly, the new 2016 Dodge Journey will be introduced into the market in 2016. The first Dodge Journey was introduced into the market in 2008 and then it underwent an update in the year 2011.The new Dodge Journey is a futuristic vehicle that will have a platform that is new and its drivetrain as well as powertrain will both undergo some renovations. The Journey is an exciting crossover vehicle that will see a few changes made to its interiors and exteriors. Also, the vehicle will be sold in various trims including: SE, SXT, SXT AWD, R/T, R/T AWD.

2016 Dodge Journey front

2016 Dodge Journey Exterior and Interior Changes

The Journey will share the same platform as is used on the Chrysler 200. Its large aluminum wheels will measure all of nineteen inches. The nice thing about it is that its body will be very sharp for a medium sized vehicle. The front of the vehicle will have lengthened headlights that help to make this car look very powerful.

2016 Dodge Journey rear

Though the new 2016 Dodge Journey will share a few attributes with the Chrysler 200 there are some important differences between these two vehicles. Since the Journey is aimed at the markets in Europe the company has to ensure that the body is not only very classy but it should also have the same subtle designs as are associated with European vehicles. Some improvements – albeit quite minor – have been made to the exteriors to make it look sleeker and more attractive.

Inside the 2016 Dodge Journey, the cabin is large and spacious. It is a perfect family car. The airbags are unlike the ones used in the earlier models and there is also dual zone control as well as sat TV stereo. In addition, the vehicle also makes use of CUSW system. The cabin has been redesigned to make it look more elegant. It is also possible to fold the rear seats in order to get more space to store your luggage.

2016 Dodge Journey interior

2016 Dodge Journey Engine Specs

Under the bonnet, there is a big four-cylinder engine that can produce as many as one hundred and seventy-three horsepower and one hundred and sixty-six pounds feet of torque. There is another engine option available. This is the larger V6 engine that produces more horsepower and better torque. This three point six liter engine produces two hundred and eighty-three horsepower and two hundred and sixty pound feet of torque. The vehicle also has a four-speed auto transmission. There are reports that the company will also offer a manual transmission vehicle. As for fuel economy, this Dodge Journey will guzzle nineteen miles per gallon in city conditions and it will give 26 miles per gallon on the highway.

2016 Dodge Journey Release Date and Price

Those of you who are looking to buy the 2016 Dodge Journey, the company says that the vehicle should be available towards the latter part of this year or in the beginning of 2016. This Dodge Journey is priced at anything from twenty thousand dollars to thirty-five thousand dollars depending on which trim you opt for. Dodge has worked hard to come with the new Dodge Journey. It is elegant and spacious and is a good family car that would suit small as well as medium-sized families.


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