2016 Buick Anthem Release Date and Price

Buick has yet again come up with a new crossover automobile model. A brand new 2016 Buick Anthem is the new addition to Buick’s range of mid-sized SUVs. It has been reported that Buick is trying to design this new 2016 model of Anthem by drawing inspiration from the concept models of its previous generation cars, namely Enclave and the Encore.

2016 Buick Anthem front

However, the design apparatus of this car will be slightly different, and in no way similar to those two cars – it has been designed to be smaller than 3 row seated Buick Enclave and definitely larger than the present generation Buick Encore. This model of 2016 Anthem will offer stiff competition to similar SUV cars like Nissan Murano and Kia Sorento in the automobile market. Now, let’s take a look at the various important specs that make this car so desirable among the masses.

2016 Buick Anthem Engine Specs

Engine options for this new model will be quite good. Even though Buick is not really commenting much about those current engine models that will be included in this version, but credible sources report that multiple engine modules will be available. This new and improved 2016 Buick Anthem will probably be powered by a 2.5 LITER or another 2.0 LITER turbocharged four cylinder engine, giving over 195 HP and 187 lbs. feet of torque. There is a possibility of a new 3.6 LITER V6 cylinder version as well and a future hybrid model, featuring an additional Lithium ion battery and an electric motor. The car has mode selection for off road driving and giving power to all four wheels.

2016 Buick Anthem rear

2016 Buick Anthem Exterior and Interior

This 2016 Buick Anthem has an overall compact look to it. Doors are slightly concave and add aerodynamic features to the design. LED headlights are designed to be sleek and performing. Fog lamps are present over chrome front bumper. Its black front grill is adorned with a big logo that suits the car. Tail lights have a nice curvy feeling to it. Sunroof is also included in the package. Buick has a twin exhaust system that blends in with the back bumper. Ground clearance is good as the car can be used for off road driving.

2016 Buick Anthem interior

Leather seats and wood work inside the car makes it look even better from inside. Its steering wheel is provided with a collection of switches that controls entertainment settings and Buick’s driving mode. A screen at the center provides navigation features turn by turn, cruise control, accessing the rear view camera and audio systems. There are options for voyage control, climate control, radio and Automatic Braking System (ABS). Front seats can be adapted with a six-way control. It also has a water filtration system and Bose surround sound with 7 speakers.

2016 Buick Anthem Price and Release Date

According to latest reports, Buick will probably release this 2016 Buick Anthem by late 2015. This is good news for the loyal customers, as most mid-size SUVs are not considering for a refreshed release any time soon. So, Buick is looking to capitalize in this market. As far as its pricing options are concerned, it is likely to cost something around $30000.


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