2016 BMW X5 Release Date

The 2016 BMW X5 is said to arrive on the automotive scene with some of the very best features that will redefine the design and look of a luxury sport utility vehicle in a way that is quite amazing. The new X5 will be accompanied with innovations that are interesting in order to make it one of the highest rated vehicles for the new model year. It will feature masculine and aggressive bumpers along with alluring fog lights that will offer a stunning differential from its predecessors.

2016 BMW X5 front

2016 BMW X5 Design

Whether you refer to the 2016 BMW X5 as a crossover or a sport utility vehicle, it does not deter from its ability to reach speeds of 60mph within a matter of 4.0 seconds. Upon being unveiled at the most recent Los Angeles Auto Show, the massive vehicle tipped the scales at 5,000 pounds. Due to its boxier back end, the X5 appears slightly more unilateral than both its predecessors and the new model year X6.

2016 BMW X5 rear

The interior has increased in its spaciousness as a measure of improving its comfort level for both the driver and their passengers. The increased amount of space will provide greater comfort for extended driving experiences in addition to trips about the city. The car will also feature a modern audio system that is equipped with high tech possibilities, a navigation system. An all-new LCD screen and more. Music and videos can be enjoyed via the audio system, making this vehicle ideal for everyday and road-trip usage.

2016 BMW X5 interior

The interior is brimming with high quality and it combines features that are sporty divinely flawless craftsmanship. Due to the clever aerodynamic design of the vehicle, the air flow is guided ideal about the vehicle offering a more silent and enjoyable ride. The engineering and design teams for the new X5 have taken a great deal of time, diligence and care to ensure that the 2016 model year would indeed be second to none.

2016 BMW X5 Engine Specs

The new 2016 BMW X5 will gain its power from a high tech engine option that will consume less fuel than the previous models of the line. It will be outfitted with a 4.5 liter and Coyote V-6 engines that will respectively deliver 420 horsepower and 545 pound per feet of torque. The unit option will be intelligently mated with six speed automatic transmission. The new engine option will reportedly consume 22% less fuel than other models that are currently roaming about the highways and byways.

2016 BMW X5 Release Date,Price and Competitors

Industry insiders indicate that the 2016 BMW X5 will arrive in dealership showrooms for sale by the close of March. Additionally it is speculated that the vehicle will have a base price range from $99,500 and $102,300. Experts contend that the pricing will undergo a reduction once we enter the calendar year of 2016, and any savvy consumers should wait until then to purchase the vehicle. For those that simply cannot wait to replace their current sport utility vehicle, but are unable to contend with the hefty pricings of BMW, there is always the option of the X5’s closest competition, the Toyota Rav4.

It has also been rumored that 2016 BMW X5 will be releasing additional information regarding the vehicle, its official release and pricing options with the coming weeks.


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