2015 Ford Ecosport Review

Things are beginning to heat up in the compact SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) segment and heating up pretty fast with the latest announcement of 2015 Ford EcoSport. This segment of compact SUV is hugely popular and is growing up fast by proving exciting new cars to its enthusiasts, and this 205 EcoSport from Ford has just added more spark to the fire. Go for it if you are looking for something that is satisfying to drive.

2015 Ford Ecosport front

2015 Ford Ecosport Exterior Design

The face of 2015 Ford EcoSport has not changed much from its predecessors and is pretty much the same as before. This car has features which can easily differentiate it from all other cars, making it stand out in the market and making it very effortlessly recognisable as a Ford. Front end has the signature hexagonal grille of Ford with loads of chrome bars being added which adds a glamorous shine. The head lamps are very sleek and fashionable and will put you off the mark by blending in with the chrome and almost going unnoticed at first glance. Though the side is not as attractive as it should have been, its rear end makes up for that with a revolutionary and brave change. Ford has decided to drop the tailgate mounted spare wheel from the design. This may not bode well with a few fans, but this indeed look very clean and bold. One more appealing feature is the placement of licence plate at the centre of the tailgate at the rear end. This adds much more symmetry to the design.

2015 Ford Ecosport rear

Riding on 17 inch alloy wheels, this 2015 EcoSport is going to feature a faux rear diffuser which is a very nice addition to its design.

This new EcoSport is also going to handle better than its previous models. With a reduction of height by 10 millimetres, ESC (Electronic Stability Control) System and horde of other features, this car will definitely turn up with better aerodynamic physics.

2015 Ford Ecosport Interior Design

Inside this car, 2015 EcoSport from Ford features a newly designed and fresh look instrument cluster which is bordered by chrome bars, thus giving it a shiny look. Chrome tips have also been supplied for power window buttons. Hand brake lever has been reposition for a more convenient use. There is also a 4 inch colour display panel which displays a number of information on the go. Partial leather upholstery with cloth will come as standard for Titanium variant. Effort has been put to make a soundproof cabin experience by installing better and thicker sound dampening. Heated windscreen, heated seats and heated mirrors will be selectively available. This car also has an upcoming upgrade of SatNav and rear view camera.

2015 Ford Ecosport interior

2015 Ford Ecosport Engine and Price

Powertrain and engine is reported to remain same on this new 2015 Ford EcoSport. This EcoSport will have the same 1.0 litre Ford’s EcoBoost petrol engine which is capable of producing 123 brake horsepower. Another petrol engine option would include a 1.5 litre TiVCT engine, producing 110 brake horsepower. For diesel, a 1.5 litre TDCi engine will be available, producing 90 brake horsepower. All engines will have a 5 speed manual gearbox. Petrol variants of 2015 Ford EcoSport will start at $14995, and diesel variant will come at $16495.


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